Earth Charter activities in Tajikistan: without a radical change in the human heart, a physical survival of the mankind is impossible. Every person on the Earth has to be made aware of this fact

FSCI is the national coordinator of the development of the Earth Charter document in Tajikistan. Each year during the Earth Day celebration on April 19-22, FSCI conducts seminars, round tables, delivers presentations, prepares publications, utilizing every opportunity and means for promoting the Earth Charter. In April 2007, educational seminar on the Earth Charter took place in the Committee of Peace of the Republic of Tajikistan, in July 2007 – interactive training workshops with young environmentalists, members of the “Green Patrols” movement. At present, FSCI is working on translating into Tajik the Earth Charter text and the instruction manual for educators on the “Basic Principles of Sustainable Development in the Middle Schools,” with the goal of printing 200 copies of each document. The Ministry of Education has also agreed to the conducting of educational training workshops and distributing educational manuals to the middle school teachers at the beginning of the new school year.

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