Consulting meeting of the European Environment Agency with nongovernmental organizations and other structures from the countries EECCA countries (Copenhagen, 16-17 November, 2006)

The consulting meeting of the European Environment Agency (ЕEA) with the nongovernmental ecological organizations of the EECCA (Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia) countries has been lead with the purpose of the review of the draft of the EEA report prepared to the conference in Belgrade. Participants of a meeting became leaders of eleven NGOs from the EECCA countries, heads of the Regional Ecological Centers of Russia, Moldova, Central Asia, the representative of UN European Economic Commission (UN ЕЭК), experts of the all sections of the EEA report prepared for discussion. Chair of FSCI being as a member of European Eco-Forum Issue Group on Environmental Action, also has been invited to this meeting. The generalized comments, additions and histories of success of the EECCA countries made ЕEA, are accessible to the following address:

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