Working meeting “The Role of civil society in the organization of the public ecological control” (Moscow, 29-30 October, 2006)

Effective ecological regulation and the control of observance of ecological requirements should take into account also opinion of a civil society. With the purpose of increase of the further potential of the public organizations, improvement of knowledge and spread of knowledge about public control tools the Center “Eco-Accord” (Russia) has prepared the manual on a role of the public of the EECCA countries in the organization of public ecological control. Manual will be distributed among the NGOs of EECCA countries at the conference in Belgrade, 2007. At support of OESD in Moscow working NGOs meeting has taken place. The purpose of the meeting was – discussion of the prepared information package by principles of the organization of the public nature protection control. Representative of FSCI has taken part in work of the seminar, and also in preliminary electronic discussion of manual.

Additional information is available on Eco-Accord website:

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