FSCI has developed and finalized with UNDP a schedule of conducting skills development training workshops for the Land Degradation Department of Djamoat “Nuri Vakhsh” (Djilikul, Khatlon region, Tajikistan).

There will be five three-day training workshops conducted between December 2007 and February 2008. The purpose of these workshops is to raise awareness around the problems of land degradation and joint planning for the utilization of land resources of Djamoat. FSCI work in this project has begun with the organization and conducting of a training seminar on “sustainable utilization of natural resources” (from 30 November until 2 December 2007). Together with the staff of the Land Degradation Department and Djamoat, FSCI conducted an introduction session on the state of the territory and natural resources of Djamoat. During the session on 14-16 December 2007, a land map showing the present situation of land resources of Djamoat “Nuri Vakhsh” was developed.

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