Appeal of Kazakhstan Eco-Forum, NGOs of EECCA countries on the question the validity of the construction of the destruction of the plant on industrial and hazardous wastes containing POPs

Ekoforum of Kazakhstan appealed to public environmental organizations in Central Asia, involved in chemical safety programs, to help and to support theirs appeal to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the construction of a plant for the destruction of hazardous waste and industrial waste containing POPs. Text handling has been discussed with the heads of concerned NGOs in Central Asia and Russia (Eco-Accord) through existing electronic information networks of POPs in the EECCA region. Most information support to identify the problems and methods of disposal of hazardous waste had the Co-Chair of the international POPs elimination network (IPEN). FSCI took an active part in discussing ways to solve the problem and text of the appeal addressed to the Government of Kazakhstan , the national center of the Aarhus Convention, the public agencies of Kazakhstan. The FSCI logo among others included in the list of organizations on whose behalf the request was sent by Kazakhstan Eco-Forum to the Prime Minister and other authorities in Kazakhstan, making the decisions.

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