Information seminars on commissioning acceptance points of energy saving lamps and other mercury waste in the Dushanbe city

With the assistance of the small grants program of GEF/UNDP, GRID/Arendal, IPEN public environmental organization “Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives” (FSCI, Dastgiri Center) held information sessions devoted to opening in Dushanbe 4 points of reception of energy saving lamps, created by the project. FSCI assistance was provided to repair the abandoned buildings, ventilation, building shelves, boxes, etc. Information sessions were held on January 23-25, 2013 in each Dushanbe’ districts under the chairmanship of district heads and collected a large number of participants (40-80 people). They were employees of Hukumats districts, city and regional environmental departments, housing, sanitarian departments, representatives of the city landfill, a factory for production of energy saving lamps, mahalla leaders, the public, Dushanbe residents, media and project’ executors.

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