+++ Public organization of the Republic of Tajikistan «Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives» (FSCI, Dastgirie-Center) was established by a group of enthusiasts in early 1995, during a difficult period of civil uprisings. FSCI received a legal status on 1 June 1995. The main mission of FSCI is to support the development of the civic sector of the republic through the implementation of various ecological initiatives targeted towards environment protection, sustainable development, creation and realization of natural resources management... +++
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Working meeting for representatives of the ICSD, for state bodies for the protection of the environment of the Central Asian countries, national experts, international, regional and non-governmental organizations, UN agencies operating in the Central Asian region (Almaty, 24-25 November 2015)

Working meeting held to discuss the two most important trends in environmental policy in the Central Asian region is now: environmental management at different levels and prepare a Regional Overview on waste management. Representative of FSCI was invited to the meeting as a member of the Public Council of ICSD from Tajikistan.

International conference "Green Bridge - a platform for partnerships of best practices and innovation"

On November 13, 2015 in Astana (Kazakhstan) hosted the International Conference "Green Bridge - a platform for partnerships of best practices and innovations," which marked the beginning of the practical implementation of Green Bridge Partnership Programme (GBPP). Coordinators of GBPP initiated in 2013 the Charter on GBPP to which earlier joined 14 countries and 6 NGOs. At this conference public associations and business of Russia, Tajikistan, Germany, Turkey, Estonia and Kyrgyzstan were signed the Charter on GBPP. The environmental organization "Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives" (FSCI, Dastgiri Center) From Tajikistan became a signatory to the Charter. Head of FSCI on the session of Green Bridge made a presentation devoted to the platform created in Tajikistan for the introduction of technology and innovation for the green economy.

Forum “Green Economy” (4-5 November, 2015, Bishkek)

Forum was organized by the Agency of corporate development "CSR Central Asia" in the Kyrgyz Republic with support of GIZ on following thematic areas: "Promoting sustainable economic development in Kyrgyzstan", "Sustainable use of natural resources in Central Asia." The forum was attended by business associations, private enterprises, representatives of the government of Kyrgyzstan, non-profit organizations, experts in implementing "green" technologies, the media, etc. There was an exchange of experiences with the countries of the Central Asian region on the promotion of the green economy, and made recommendations to the government of Kyrgyzstan. The forum was attended by the head of FSCI, it made a presentation and discussed the opportunities and mechanisms for the development of green technologies in Tajikistan.

International Week for the Prevention of Lead Poisoning

The environmental organization "Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives" (FSCI, Dastgiri Center, Tajikistan), a member of the IPEN, took part in the International Week for the Prevention of lead poisoning (26-31 October 2015). Theme of the week was aimed at the analysis of the oil paints sales in Dushanbe, conducting educational seminars for health officers and students of biological faculty of the Tajik National University. The initiative for the International Week for the Prevention of Lead Poisoning was registered on the WHO website: http://apps.who.int/datacol/survey.asp?survey_id=531&respondent_id=187654&display_only_results=1

Earth Charter Affiliate in Tajukistan Celebrates Earth Day and EC+15

In Dushanbe, the Earth Charter Affiliate "Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives" (FSCI, Dastgiri Center) organized events to celebrate the 45th Earth Day and the 15-year anniversary of the Earth Charter. The festivities were financed by FSCI, the Tajikistan National Commission for UNESCO, and the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan.  http://www.earthcharterinaction.org/content/articles/1141/1/Earth-Charter-Affiliate-in-Tajikistan-celebrates-Earth-Day-and-EC15/Page1.html

Solid waste management of the Kulob city

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the second half of 2015 has launched a project on municipal solid waste (MSW) management of Kulob city. The purpose of the project - detailed analysis of options for the solid waste management and the choice of location the new landfill in Kulob city replace failed one. Currently, after the phase of feasibility studies, selection and approval of the new municipal landfills was initiated research on the social and environmental assessment of the project. The FSCI team was selected for expert work on the environmental assessment of the project.

National Seminar "Supporting the implementation of the GHS Strategy in the management of chemicals in the Republic of Tajikistan"

National Workshop, which summed up the project "Supporting the implementation of SAICM and GHS Strategy in the Republic of Tajikistan" was held in Dushanbe on 16 June 2015.


The participants of the seminar were employees of state organizations and departments, private companies, the Academy of Sciences, universities involved in the program on the use of chemicals. The seminar was attended by members of the active Coordination Group of the project presented by leading members of the key organizations of the republic in the field of chemicals management. O. Speranskaya, expert for Training and Research Institute of the United Nations (UNITAR), co-chairman of the IPEN, took part in the seminar.

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