+++ Public organization of the Republic of Tajikistan «Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives» (FSCI, Dastgirie-Center) was established by a group of enthusiasts in early 1995, during a difficult period of civil uprisings. FSCI received a legal status on 1 June 1995. The main mission of FSCI is to support the development of the civic sector of the republic through the implementation of various ecological initiatives targeted towards environment protection, sustainable development, creation and realization of natural resources management... +++
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Regional workshop on capacity-building for the environmentally sound management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (July 6-8, 2016, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

Regional Workshop in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) countries on capacity-building for the sound management of electronic and electrical equipment took place in Bishkek on 6-8 July 2016. The seminar was organized by the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions (Secretariat BRS) of United Nations Environment Programme. The purpose of the seminar - to exchange experiences, identify issues, opportunities for improvement of regulation of the elektronic waste in EECCA countries. FSCI representative acquainted the participants with the results of a case study on the situation with the management of e-waste in Tajikistan.

International Workshop on e-waste management (June 2-4, 2016 in Beijing, China)

Workshop - training for e-waste management was conducted in Beijing with financial support from UNDP (China) and foreign trade department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China. The workshop was attended by experts on electronic waste from the 13 countries of the Asian region. The purpose of the seminar was introduction to China's experience in management and practices of recycling electronic waste, which can be applied and replicated in other countries at the international level. A representative of FSCI' group of chemical safety participated in the seminar, made a presentation on the current situation, proposals for the possibilities of electronic waste management in Tajikistan.

International Round Table "The environmental situation in the Central Asia: problems and prospects of solutions" (May 25, 2016, Dushanbe)

International round table "The environmental situation in Central Asia: problems and prospects of solutions" was held in Dushanbe on 25 May 2016. Association of International and Regional Studies of post-Soviet was organizer of this round table. The round table brought together experts, scholars, political scientists, journalists from Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian Federation. The main papers were presented by experts and scholars from Tajikistan. Head of FSCI made presentation on the green economy implementation in Tajikistan as a platform for technologies and innovations. The round table has ended with the substantive discussion on the issues of water use, environmental safety, new risks and challenges in the Central Asia region.

Educational seminar on international environmental convention to reduce mercury pollution (Minamata Convention) and the International Earth Day (Dushanbe, April 21, 2016)

The seminar was held with the technical support of the international network for the elimination of chemical pollutants - IPEN / Eco-Accord on the eve of the International Earth Day. The purpose of the seminar - to acquaint experts of concerned government authorities, researchers, academics chemical profile, experts, public international experience dealing with mercury Minamata Convention developed by IPEN in 2016, Guidelines for determination of mercury contaminated sites, handling and cleaning.

The seminar also discussed the issues of handling mercury waste and dangerous chemicals in Tajikistan, has a direct impact on environmental protection and health of the population. The seminar was organized by environmental organization "Foundation for the Support of Civil Initiatives" (Dastgiri Centre), a member of the international network for the elimination of chemical pollutants.

Conference on the World Water Day (Dushanbe, April 5, 2016)

Conference on the World Water Day held in Dushanbe on 5 April 2016. The conference was organized by UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty, the Central Asian Regional Network on capacity building in the field of water management CAR@WAN, Tajik environmental organization "Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives", Tajik Technical University Academician M. Osimi. Active participation in the preparation and holding of the conference adopted a Student Environmental Club VZOL of Tajik Technical University Academician M.Osimi.

Participants of the conference were presented to the UN report on the theme of the World Water Day in 2016 "Water World and jobs", presentation on the water reform in Tajikistan for the period till 2025, other experts and students’ presentations on water issues.

Financing of “Green” Technologies in Tajikistan through European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (Dushanbe, February 3, 2016)

The purpose of the new EBRD project “CLIMADAPT” in the partnership with the Pilot Program on Climate Changes in Tajikistan is to help for households, farmers, enterprises to adapt to climate changed through providing loans for green technologies. A consultation workshop “Reliable Water and Energy for Climate Resilient Communities” with civil society stakeholders and banks managers held in Dushanbe on February 3, 2016. Representative of FSCI took part in the discussion panel “Access to the green technologies financing: problems and opportunities” as the expert.

World Bank training on monitoring and evaluation of the projects and programs in Tajikistan (Dushanbe, 31 January - 4 February, 2016)

The main objective of the training was potential building of the civil society’s organizations on the mastery of methods of conducting monitoring and evaluation of the WB projects in Tajikistan. Thus should lead to improve the outcomes of the development projects in Tajikistan funded by the international financing organizations. The FSCI representative was the one of the participants.

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