+++ Public organization of the Republic of Tajikistan «Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives» (FSCI, Dastgirie-Center) was established by a group of enthusiasts in early 1995, during a difficult period of civil uprisings. FSCI received a legal status on 1 June 1995. The main mission of FSCI is to support the development of the civic sector of the republic through the implementation of various ecological initiatives targeted towards environment protection, sustainable development, creation and realization of natural resources management... +++
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Seminar on Development of Civil Society Skills for the Implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in Tajikistan (Dushanbe, April 25-27, 2017)

The Coalition of the Civil Society Organizations of Tajikistan "Transparency for Development" with the support of the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation) and International Coalition “Publish What You Pay” held seminar on improving CSOs skills for EITI implementation in Tajikistan (Dushanbe, April 25-27, 2017). The seminar were attended by the head and coordinator for Eurasia of the International Secretariat "Publish What You Pay", the director of the Soros Foundation in Tajikistan, members of the National EITI Council, members of the Coalition of CSOs from all regions of the country. A representative of FSCI, a member of the EITI Coalition, took part in the workshop.

Seminar "Presentation of the UN Report on the state of the world's water resources" Sewage: an undeveloped resource", timed to the World Water Day (Dushanbe, April 14, 2017)

World Water Day was marked in Dushanbe by the holding the seminar "Presentation of the UN Report on the state of the world's water resources "Sewage: an undeveloped resource". The seminar was organized by the Public Foundation - Center for Sustainable Development Assistance (Kazakhstan), Central Asian Regional Network for Capacity Building in Water Resources CAR@WAN, environmental organization Foundation to support of civil Initiatives (Tajikistan). The seminar was held under the support and participation of the UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The event was attended by 56 participants: representatives of state bodies, international organizations, educational and research institutions, public organizations, independent experts. The participants of the seminar were also bachelors and undergraduates of the Tajik Technical University, specializing in water supply and sanitation.

The conference "Water-Source of Life", dedicated to the International Water Day, to the international decade "Water for Sustainable Development" (2018-2028), to the Year of Youth (Dushanbe, April 7, 2017)

The conference "Water-source of life" dedicated to the International Water Day, the International Decade "Water for Sustainable Development" (2018-2028) and the Year of Youth, announced by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan in 2017, was held on April 7, 2017. In the Tajik Technical University (TTU) named after Academician M.S. Osimi. The conference was organized by the TTU’ Faculty of Construction and Architecture, the Department of Water Supply and Wastewater, the Student Ecological Club VZOL. The representative of FSCI was invited and spoke at the conference with the presentation "Water trace of man".

2nd Eurasian Congress "Solutions for Electronic and Electrical Equipment Waste"

The 2nd Eurasian Congress "Solutions for Waste of Electronic and Electrical Equipment" (WEEE) was held in Moscow on March 28-29, 2017. A big number of participants took part in the work of the Congress: international environmental and industry companies from Europe, Japan, China, as well as from the members of Eurasian Economic Association (EEA) countries. The Congress was organized by the Swiss Association of Environmental Equipment Manufacturers, the Russian partner was the non-profit partnership RUSLOM.COM. The purpose of the Congress was to create partnerships between specialists in the field of WEEE waste management from different countries, which will help to solve the accumulated problems with waste disposal. FSCI was invited to the Congress from non-governmental sector of the Republic of Tajikistan. At the one of the sessions the head of FSCI made a presentation on the problems of collecting and recycling energy-saving lamps in Tajikistan.

Regional workshop on mercury pollution in EECCA countries

Center "Eco-Accord" (Russia) together with the Scientific Research Institute for the Protection of Atmospheric (Air "Atmosphere") was held in Moscow on March 26-27, 2017 the regional seminar on mercury pollution in the countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA). Representatives of NGOs, research institutes, international organizations and private companies are engaging in the collection and processing of mercury-containing wastes took part in the workshop. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the results of the GEF/UNEP project "Creation of a cadastre of sources of mercury pollution in Russia", data on the health effects of mercury, materials on the hot spots of mercury pollution in EECCA countries. FSCI was invited to the workshop as a member of IPEN and an organization dealing with the management of mercury waste in Tajikistan. The FSCI study on the primary cadastre of mercury containing and electronic waste in Tajikistan was presented to the participants of workshop.

Environmental Media School "Media for effective coverage of environmental issues and natural resources in Central Asia"

The Environmental Media School "Conflict-Sensitive TV Journalism" was held in Dushanbe on March 16-18, 2017. The event was organized by Internews in Tajikistan. Top TV journalists from all regions of Tajikistan became participants of the school. A representative of FSCI was invited to the training for journalists as an expert on environmental issues.

Asian Development Bank Workshop of environmentalists (Dushanbe, 23 December 2016)

Workshop of the specialists on environmental issues – the members of informal network of experts created by the ADB Office in Tajikistan was held on 23 December 2016 in the office of Asian Development Bank (ADB). The purpose of the meeting was to inform the members of the informal network of experts on the environment about positive environmental management practices within the implemented ADB projects in Tajikistan. Head of FSCI highlighted to the members of the network presentation on environmental issues in the results of construction of high-voltage power line Aini-Pedzhikent in the Sogd region of Tajikistan.

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