+++ Public organization of the Republic of Tajikistan «Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives» (FSCI, Dastgirie-Center) was established by a group of enthusiasts in early 1995, during a difficult period of civil uprisings. FSCI received a legal status on 1 June 1995. The main mission of FSCI is to support the development of the civic sector of the republic through the implementation of various ecological initiatives targeted towards environment protection, sustainable development, creation and realization of natural resources management... +++
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Kurbondjon Kabutov

Date of birth:

November 06, 1947,

Place of birth: Tajikistan
Sex: Male
Citizenship: Tajikistan
Nationality: Tajik
Office Address: Physical Technical Institute of Tajik Academy of Science,
299/1, Ainy St. Dushanbe, Tajikistan.


Phone res. (992372) 316559, 215857
Fax (992372) 211839

E- mail:

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- Senior Science Researcher - Certificate (CH 066893), (From the
Highest Attestation Committee of USSR, Moscow), 1990.
- Ph.D. (Technical of Science) certificate TH 061654 of Moscow
Steel and Alloy Institute (Moscow, 10/11/82). (From the Highest
Attestation Committee of USSR, Moscow, 13/04/83)
- Master (Physicist) - Diploma ( 379933) of Tajik State
University, (Dushanbe, 30/06/70)

Other training:
- “Advocacy” training at COUNTERPART Tajikistan. Certificate AED, 2002. (USAID). Trainer.
- Dushanbe public institute of inventors. 1986 - 1988.
Diploma 86169, Inventor.
- Course of military training at Tajik State University (Dushanbe, 30\08\1970). Speciality: officer - commander of radio section

Membership in Professional Societies:
- Academic council of Physical-Technical Institute.
- NGO: "Energetic", “Foundation to support civil initiatives”, «Academic Adchamov Foundation»
- Association of Wind-Energy of Central Asia

Countries of Work Experience:
- Moscow (Russian), 1973-1975, special student-research in Institut GIREDMET.
- Moscow (Russian), 1976-1979, post-graduate student in Institut GIREDMET.

Language and Degree of Proficiency:
Russian and Tajik - Excellent, English - fair

Detailed Tasks Assigned and Work undertaken:
1. PROJEKT: UNEP/EAP-AP. “Regional Environment Action Plan (REAP) for Central Asia (CA)”. UNEP/ADB, 2001-2002. Preparation of REAP for Central Asia (CA) countries.
Expert on division Degradation of mountain Ecosystems. Head of Cooperation Centre on “Mountain Ecosistems” of CA.
Compilations and analyze of information about the state of Mountain Ecosystem and emerging transboundary aspect. Working out Action Plan.
2. PROJECT: Progress for National Program Action to Combat Certification in Tajikistan (UNDP),Dushanbe,1999-2000.
Collection and analyze date base for energy resources of Tajikistan and monitoring renewable energy resources.
A Unit of the Report on issue of Energy Resources of Tajikistan is prepared.

Employment Record:

Present Position: Head of the Laboratory of "Renewable Energy Souses and Materials" in Physical Technical Institute of Tajik Academy of Science.
1996 - 2000, Leading Researcher in this Laboratory.
1991 - 1996, Head of Solar Energy Laboratory in Physical Technical Institute of Tajik Academy of Science.
1984 - 1991, Senior Science Researcher in Physical Technical Institute of Tajik Academy of Science (Laboratory of Quantum Electronics).
1980 - 1984, Science Worker in Physical Technical Institute of Tajik Academy of Science.
1973 - 1975, Special student-research in GIREDMET Institute, Moscow.
1976 - 1979, Post - graduate Student of GIREDMET Institute, Moscow.
1972-1973, 1975-1976, 1979-1980 - Engineer in Physical Technical Institute of Tajik Academy of Science.
1970 - 1972, Service in Armed Forces USSR, officer - commander of radio section.

- International Conference “The Pamirs source of fresh water of Central Asia”. Khorog, Tajikistan, 2003.
- International Conference on Physics of Condensed Systems. Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 2001.
-Mountain Regions of Central Asia: Sustainable Development Issues. - International Conference. Dushanbe, 1999.
-Wind-Energy Problems in Central Asia. - International
Seminary. Nukus (Uzbekistan), 1998.
-Possible areas for Cooperation in Energy and Related fields between Central Asia, the Caucasus and other Asian Countries. 1994, New Delhi (India).

- Beshkek Global Mountain Summit. October – November 2002, Beshkek, Kirgizstan.
- Review and finalize the REAP CA. . PROJEKT:UNEP/EAP-AP. “Regional Environment Action Plan (REAP) for Central Asia (CA)”,UNEP/ADB. 22-23 August 2001, Bangkok, Thailand.
- Review and finalize the draft EAP reports CA countries. PROJEKT:UNEP/EAP-AP. “Regional Environment Action Plan (REAP) for Central Asia (CA)”,UNEP/ADB. 21-26 July 2001, Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
- Review REAP CA and ADB Environmental Policy. PROJEKT:UNEP/EAP-AP. “Regional Environment Action Plan (REAP) for Central Asia (CA)”,UNEP/ADB. 10-11 March 2001, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
- National Strategies and Action Plans for Sustainable Mountain Area Development CAR. PROJEKT: RETA 5878-REG (UNEP/ADB). 05-09 March 2001, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
- Elaboration of Regional Strategy and Action Plan (RESAP) for Sustainable Mountain Development in CAR. PROJEKT: RETA 5878-REG (UNEP/ADB). 28-29 April 2001, Almaty, Kazakhstan.